Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I kissed a zombie and I liked it....

I kissed a zombie and I like it....and I must say that I did in fact like it. It was a bit of a short read, so I did hate that it ended so soon. I felt that it had so much more potential, but It did satisfy me in the end. Ever girl dreams of their prom night. The date, the dress, what it will be like to walk in the room and see that look on their dates face. "Look how gorgeous you are," in the back of their mind. I never went to my high school prom, but I imagine that it may have played out that way. I did dream of the stairway scene that you see in most teenage romance movies. Although not always does it happen like that, especially when you don't exactly have a stairway. For Algonquin Rhodes that image of her high school prom is much different. Being an ice queen may have its advantages, such as being able to make guys feel worthless (the same as the girl who has crushed them forever feels when they turn them down.) I would have to say in a way it is payback , but every queen knows that the crown has to come off sometime. Alley doesn't seem to know that it might just be sooner than her plans to move out of her small town in Iowa, to the big city of Seattle. As a reporter for her school paper Ms. Rhodes is determined to create humor where it is needed. Especially in the case of the much failed band Sorry Marios, who have no sort of talent besides the sit in special guest who's vocals drown out their sorry attempts for a band. It may have been the attractive look, or the strong connection to the songs he chose to sing, but something grabbed Alley's attention. And for Alley this is a first. Doug is different than most guys in Alley's world. He may have the same taste in music and have the advantage of being very attractive but Alley has no idea that he has a dead secret. Doug is a zombie, and although there have been numerous signs since they started dating (such as smelling like formaldehyde, wearing the same outfit and make up, and not being able to go without taking his medication every four hours), Alley has no idea. At least not until another post-human fan gives her the scoop. Even if Alley survives the shocking news, will she survive the pressured attempts that Wilhelm (the band's vampire drummer) have brought on about turning her into a vampire? Will she have to convert to a zombie to save her relationship with Doug? This is one tangled love triangle that will have a shocking end.

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